The finest dog
playground in the
entire St Louis
On Highway DD
4 miles SW of
Highway 40/61 at
Winghaven exit
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Two Types of


Individual Quarterly Membership: Where members have access to Canine Country seven days a week for three consecutive months. (cost: $155 per quarter)

Individual Full Membership: Where members have access to Canine Country seven days a week per year. (cost: $450 per year)



Members may enjoy Canine Country during daylight hours, which, of course, will vary seasonally.

Guest Policy


If you would like to bring a guest with his or her dog(s), you may do that, free of charge, as long as your guest signs a waiver releasing Canine Country from liability and your guest's dog(s) are up to date on vaccinations. Once a particular guest with dog(s) has accompanied you to the facility, you may not invite that guest again for a period of one year.

If your guest would become a member, 10% of their membership fee would be taken off of your next renewal fee. While we are very sensitive to our members' needs for an uncrowed facility, we also recognize that a certain level of membership is necessary to sustain current programs and add new ones. So we hope that you will spread the word about Canine Country and help us attract new members who you'd be happy to share the facility with. Rest assured that we will not sell more memberships than the property can comforably accommodate.

Booth


The sign-in booth is conveniently located at the front entrance gate. There, you will find the information you need to enjoy the facility that day: maps of the open and fenced areas, available activities, information borads, clock, thermometer, suggestion box, clean-up bags for dog waste and trash can.

Also, you will find a registration book on the counter, where members will record their names, the names of their guests, the time of arrival and where they are planning to spend time that day. Before leaving, they will again note the time. This record will help us prevent trespassing, locate members in case of emergency, and identify which activities are most popular with our members.